The Siberian Husky Club of Greater Detroit

Member Information

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Membership Information

Anyone with an interest in Siberian Huskies or our activities can apply to become a member of SHCGD.  You can join the club as an individual member or as a family.   Individual membership fees are $15.00 and family membership fees are $25.00 per year. Membership gives you voting privileges as well as all our other member benefits, including Paw Prints and an open invitation to attend all SHCGD functions.  Family membership includes voting privileges for two adults and all other benefits for children under 18 years of age. 

All members receive the monthly Paw Prints newsletter.

If you live near the Detroit area of Michigan, or close enough to be able to participate in any of our activities, you may be interested in joining our club.

Individual and Family members must attend 2 meetings before applying for membership.  All Individual and Family member applications must be approved by a majority of the voting members.

Links to Club Member Sites

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currentbullet.gif (897 bytes)  Karnovanda (Judy Russell)

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