The Siberian Husky Club of Greater Detroit

Results of 2006 Specialties

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Siberian Husky Back to Back Specialty Shows

Specialty Results

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2006 Show Chairman: Bee Holod 

Show Date:  April 1, 2006
Sweepstakes - George Murray, Brooklyn, MI
Best In Sweepstakes
Best of Opposite Sex to Best In Sweepstakes

Conformation and Junior Showmanship - Dr. Ronald I. Spritzer, Milford, OH (64 Ent - 35d - 29b)
Best of Breed:
CH Karnovanda's Rupert Bear II ,  J Russell
Best of Opposite Sex:
CH Snowborn's Maritime Breeze ,  R Groth/M Groth/C Scheall/T Scheall
Best of Winners/Winners Bitch:
Ziemabora's Candle Lite Promises,  K Webber
Winners Dog:
Anikar's Canis Major Cat Minor,  A Rosenberger/K Rosenberger
Reserve Winner Dog:
Bralin's Maritime Cruisin',  M Groth/R Groth
Reserve Winner Bitch:
Mileka's Silver Bullet,  S O Connell


Show Date:  April 2, 2006
Conformation - Ms. Diane Anderson, Maumee, OH (65 Ent - 34d - 31b)
Best of Breed: CH Karnovanda's Rupert Bear II ,  J Russell
Best of Opposite Sex
CH Sibex's Which Witch Is Which ,  L Quarterman
Best of Winners/Winners Bitch:
Highlander's Turn The Beat Around,  B Palmer/A Palmer
Winners Dog:
Reserve Winner Dog:
Bralin's Anytime, Anywhere Of Seabreeze,  L Hoper/J Peter/S Wright/D Jones
Reserve Winner Bitch:
Karamad's Kayak Carousel O' Time,  M Lew/S Del Pozo/N Sumida


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